The Last Aurochs

The Last Aurochs

The Last Aurochs

The Last Aurochs play a fusion of Celtic music from all over Europe, with repertoire ranging from oral French and Iberian traditions to inventive traditional music. Playing French, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and Scottish tunes, with lots of original compositions and arrangements, the music is steeped in the past yet firmly set in the 21st century.

Uniquely represented are French style diatonic accordions, historical replicas of Iberian bagpipes from 20th century Portugal, and Irish-style wood flutes. Modern DADGAD backing and electric bass keep their music at the edge of contemporary Australian tradition.

Based in Sydney’s inner west, Australian-French-Portuguese Celtic-world-fusion quartet, The Last Aurochs, ties traditional roots with modern compositions and arrangements. Heartfelt accordions and flutes, ear-blistering bagpipes, and complex rhythms, cross-cultural and borderless – like the land grazed by the aurochs before they became extinct in 1627.

Carissa Lee

James Slack-Smith

João Almeida

Léo Garnier