Señor Cabrales

Señor Cabrales

Señor Cabrales

Hand-crafted from arcane regional components, Señor Cabrales is unique, pungent and not for the faint-hearted.

Hidden in darkness in vertiginous mountain caves in a vain attempt to achieve maturity, the Señor emerges sporadically to musically delight aficionados (and unsuspecting others).

Often complex, fruity and biting, mouldy – sometimes a mite crumbly, but never predictable.  Best enjoyed with several tumblers of rustic sidra, or a crisp alboriño.   Approach . . . with caution! From West New South Wales and somewhere across the ranges.

Bruce Cameron

Juan Cordero

Roger Hargraves

Jim McWhinnie

Nick Rigby

Ian Stewart