Reedy River – the iconic Australian musical

Reedy River – the iconic Australian musical

Reedy River – the iconic Australian musical

Blood’nBone Theatre directed by Tony Guyot

Reedy River successfully brought the Australian bush to the city when in 1953 the Australian folk musical about the 1891 Australian shearers’ strike became a theatrical hit.

The libretto was written by Dick Diamond with songs chosen by John Gray. Two new songs were written for the musical by Diamond with music by Miles Maxwell.

The play premiered at the Melbourne New Theatre on 11 March 1953. The Sydney production featured The Bushwhackers instead of an orchestra.

It played throughout Australia over three years and was toured in England. It was seen by over 450,000 people in Australia during its first run and has been revived several times.

The songs include Widgeegoweera Joe, Reedy Lagoon, Banks of the Condamine, Old Black BillyReedy River, the original Bare Bellied Ewe (Click Go the Shears) and Ballad Of 1891.

The Blood’nBone ensemble production retains all the rawness and vitality of earlier revivals and is not to be missed. A unique slice of Australian musical history.

Picture: Cath Blakey

Cath Sullivan
Deb Jones
Cathy Rytmeister

Cast & band
Tony Guyot
Pete Jenner
Greg Thompson

Chris Maltby
Nick Whiley
Sarah Berry
Alec Farrow
Barry Blanchard
Michael Handy
Lisa Stewart
Roxane McDonald
Meredith Knight
Rachael Adamson
Roy Rankin