Balkanski Bus

Balkanski Bus

Balkanski Bus

Balkanski Bus is a Balkan group playing the social dance and wedding music of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Romany Gypsies on a range of traditional and electric instruments.

This group features heartfelt, earthy vocals by Linda Marr of Blindman’s Holiday, Nakisa and Musica Linda fame.

At the festival Balkanski Bus invites you to join in Balkan Wedding Dances and then join a concert of songs and music.

Viktor Atanasoski – guitar

Ian Carswell – percussion, clarinet

Linda Dawson – vocals, percussion

Vasili Haralambous – gaida (bagpipe), supelka/frula (whistle), gadulka (bowed lute), percussion

Yorgo Kaporis – vocals, percussion

Ivailo Karamanliev – kaval

Peter Kouvelis – tulum (bagpipe), percussion

Linda Marr – vocals, percussion

Graham Witt – tambura (small lute), truba (horn), bass