Baggage and Stuff (Trio)

Baggage and Stuff (Trio)

Baggage and Stuff (Trio)


In the 2020 lockdown, two popular veteran Sydney acts, Men With Day Jobs and Aubrey & Purton joined forces to record their first album as Baggage & Stuff.

Three members of this partnership join us at SFF to perform originals of depth, heart and humour – rich with love, laughter and the many stories of Sydney and its people.

Guitarist and crowd whisperer Dennis Aubrey and storytelling“A-list ukelelist” Pete Purton are institutions of the Sydney acoustic music scene; they’ve recorded, gigged and busked in wild places. Guitarist Stafford Sanders has played for years with Men With Day Jobs, delighting Sydney venues, their songs covered worldwide; he’s also written musicals, novels, plays and satire, and once appeared on Countdown in a sailor suit!

Baggage & Stuff run a wide gamut of genres, tempos, moods and subjects. They share a passion for harmony, a concern for people and planet, a feel for Sydney’s many stories, and a sense of humour both sharp and daggy. You won’t leave without a laugh, tear, pricked conscience or stomped foot.

“Great words, great tunes… funny, poignant, political without being preachy… ingenious!”

John Huxley, SMH